Feedback that’s fun! Poll Everywhere

One of my favorite tools to use for student/audience interaction is I use the free version of this platform to ask questions, gauge understanding, collect thoughts, and so much more.

I like to use free-response questions as exit slips where students answer a question, and their answers get analyzed and put into a word cloud. The bigger the word appears in the image, the more it appears in student responses. Then we have a discussion about what appears in the response. In this example below, pre-service teachers shared their views on technology integration.

Polleverywhere Word Cloud

Another way to use the tool is to allow students an opportunity to express themselves–to give their honest opinion about something. This is a great opener for a lesson that helps educators gauge where your students’ attitudes are and that helps students feel validated with their frustrations.

Polleverywhere Graph

I also use this platform to post open-ended discussion questions. This allows the shy, quiet participants a way to voice their opinions and thoughts without being overrun by the bolder students. Responses come onto the screen in real time, and as an educator, I can save the responses to review later as a record of student or audience participation.

Polleverywhere quotes.png

Their website does a great job of explaining the nuts-and-blots of the process. You can view their how-to instructions here.

This tool can be used across ages and content areas to share ideas, gauge reactions, and gather valuable information. It is similar to some of the tools now available through GSuite (formerly Google Apps for Education), but I find the live results features available here to be much more user friendly. does, however, provide more ways through which students can answer (Text, Computer, or Twitter).

How do you envision or currently use in your work? Share in the comment section.

**Note: I am not receiving any incentive from to write about their services. I am just a fan of their product. I never endorse any product that I do not personally and professionally use and love.


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